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Jessica Harp

A Woman Needs – 2010 (Warner)

Reviewed by Kellie Gibson

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From 2005-2007, Jessica Harp gained acclaim with former band mate Michelle Branch as one part of the duo The Wreckers. Unlike Branch, Harp had never recorded a solo album prior to the release of "A Woman Needs." Much different from the somber tones of her previous work, this CD provides upbeat melodies about life and love.

The tomboyish tune, Boy Like Me, was the first single. With sassy southern twang and a play on words, she proclaims her excitement for finally finding someone who shares the same interests as her; even though he's the bad boy everyone's warned her about. This song is the loud and rowdy type that might put listeners in the mind of something that the feisty Gretchen Wilson would choose to sing and is enhanced by the guitar talents of artist Keith Urban.

She supplies great storytelling songs told in a page-out-of-journal manner with 8 of the 11 tracks co-written by Harp herself. Highlights include Homemade Love, one of the slower cuts, with a vocal appearance by Vince Gill and the title track. The usual Breakup Song, as it's also titled, is included with Harp voicing her own spin on parting ways and her ways of getting revenge upon the one who did her wrong.

This record is a solid piece of musical work for Harp. However, if fans are looking for another release in the future, they will be sorely disappointed. Upon the debut of "A Woman Needs," Harp announced that she would no longer be focusing on being a singer, but would instead shift her career into being a full-time songwriter.