Billy Currington

Enjoy Yourself – 2010 (Mercury Nashville)

Reviewed by Dan MacIntosh

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Billy Currington treats this album's title like a manifesto. The title track, with its part-Mexican, part-tropical groove, prescribes drinking, dancing, swimming and generally having a good time. All Day Long, on the other hand, takes a page out of the Zac Brown Band book for a slightly jam band-like lovers rock tune. While Kenny Chesney can come off a little smug when singing similar sentiments, Currington is far more likeable. His easygoing style is best showcased on Bad Day of Fishin'. Currington sings the jazzy tune in a Joe Nichols-like everyman voice, with a lyric that supports the theory of how "a bad of fishin' beats a good day of anything else." Currington also has a better sense of humor than Chesney, as he expresses pooch love with Like My Dog and beer appreciation on Pretty Good At Drinkin' Beer.

The only clear misstep is Until You, a formulaic ballad that sticks out from the pack like a sore thumb. But for the most part, one is left with the impression that, just as long as he's where the map turns blue and the beer is cold, Billy Currington doesn't have a worry in the world. And in times like these, it's just so tempting to escape the real world with Currington.