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Chad Brock

III – 2001 (Warner)

Reviewed by Jeffrey B. Remz

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Since when does including "Yes!," "Ordinary Life" and "Lightning Does the Work" constitute a "bonus" when they were included on the the first two albums of Chad Brock? After suffering a sophomore slump, their inclusion comes across as nothing more than an attempt to regain the magic.

Brock's voice always has belied his big tough guy looks. He has a smooth, pleasant sounding voice more suited to mid-tempo, soft ballads than hard core country. But Brock's problem is that he lacks any sense of distinction or hint of emotion. The problem on the Norro Wilson/Buddy Cannon-produced disc is that the material is pedestrian at best. "Tell Me How" incorporates the deep lines "How I am I supposed to live without you?" and "How am I supposed to go on breathing?" Unfortunately, Brock's taken on an "ordinary life" also apparently means having ordinary songs. There is little here to suggest any artistic growth or any high and lofty agenda.

Brock may have left off a word from the title - strike as in "Strike 3." And then he will be back to an ordinary life.