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Randy Rogers Band

Burning The Day – 2010 (MCA Nashville)

Reviewed by Andrew W. Griffin

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An improvement over their previous, self-titled album, the Randy Rogers Band sounds like the weary Texas country band they were always meant to be. Produced by Paul Worley, this is a fairly straightforward collection of songs that, while not quite reaching the heights his classic "RollerCoaster," reached back in the mid-2000's, show RRB at a more mature, thoughtful place in their esteemed career.

Opener Interstate recalls some of the breezier, alt.-country stuff they're known for. And keep in mind, Rogers' delivery has that slightly mournful feel to it. The fiddle-laced country of Missing You Is More Than I Can Do is one of the best songs the RRB has recorded in a while. On Just Don't Tell Me the Truth, there is a traditional and bittersweet feel to it that stays with you long afterward.

The outlaw-esque 1970's work of Charlie Daniels and Waylon Jennings comes to mind on the closer Last Last Chance, a song written by bassist Jon Richardson and guitarist Geoffrey Hill.

"Burning The Day" is a good album over all. Not any broken ground here, just solid Texas country delivered by one of the best bands in the genre.