Black Music Matters Festival

Trailer Choir

Tailgate – 2010 (Show Dog-Universal)

Reviewed by Jeffrey B. Remz

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It's déja vu all over again for the comical trio Trailer Choir. Mark "Butter" Fortney, Crystal Hoyt and Big Vinny Hickerson dish out 10 songs here on what is being billed their debut CD, but if you listen just slightly closely, you'll realize that these songs sound awfully familiar. As well they should because half of the 10 were previously released by Trailer Choir. Off the Hillbilly Hook, Rockin' the Beer Gut, Rollin' Through the Sunshine and In My Next 5 Beers all were on the band's previous two releases, and Hillbilly Hook also was on the soundtrack for Toby Keith's movie, "Beer For My Horses."

This is not exactly high brow stuff. Nor does Trailer Choir make any pretense of doing so. Can't Drink All Day contains the punch line "if you don't start early," so you know they're going for the funny bone with working class humor (Wal-Mart Flowers). While the repetition of songs is extremely grating (and it is a huge negative. Four releases for one song?), the new cuts themselves are catchy, and these folks can sing. Butter (first names in this band only please) does a good job on the lead vocals, while Crystal lets loose on wailing backing vocals on the lead track. Like much of the album, this rocks - listen to the electric guitar solo - far more than it is country.

This is disposable, catchy good-time music with a beat. Just next time around, how about a whole disc of new songs?