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Kris Kristofferson

This Old Road – 2006 (New West)

Reviewed by Jacquilynne Schlesier

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In 1999's "The Austin Sessions," Kris Kristofferson revisited hiscareer; here, he revisits his life. It's a gentle reminiscence, with short anecdotes nestled in amongst unvarnished tracks. The effect is warm and friendly - appropriate background for such personal songs.

He touches on life as a working musician in "The Show Goes On" and "Final Attraction" and on his history of drug and alcohol abuse in "Chase the Feeling." His love for family and God are reflected in "Holy Creation" and "Thank You for a Life." Throughout, he calls out the names of his friends and heroes, paying tribute to the folks he met along his way.

Amongst all these personal songs is one attempt at politicalcommentary, "In the News," which draws an unsupported connection between the war in Iraq and the Lacy Peterson murder. It makes little sense as an argument and is a jarring break in tone.

The standout track, "Pilgrim's Progress," follows up on his classic "Chapter 33." It reveals that while Kristofferson might be less of a walking contradiction than he was in 1971, he's wise enough to still question the directions on that lonely way back home.