Carrie Rodriguez

Live in Louisville – 2009 (Luz)

Reviewed by C. Eric Banister

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Carrie Rodriguez released her debut album in 2006 and quickly became Americana's sweetheart. After serving an apprenticeship with singer-songwriter Chip Taylor, Rodriguez released her second album in 2008 and forged ahead on her own. That included going out on tour with the physical support of Taylor and his band. With her own band in tow, she joined Lucinda Williams for a tour that same year. "Live In Louisville" was recorded on one of the tours stops. The album captures all of Rodriguez's 12-song set, which draws heavily from her first album.

Rodriguez's voice has a seductive quality about it that comes out even more in a live setting and is immediately evident on the opening number, Dirty Leather. The seduction gives way to emotion as she launches into the title track of her debut album. It continues throughout with the atmospheric sounds of her studio albums giving way to passion and emotion on the concert stage.

Included here are also two never-before-released staples of her concert that reach back to her fiddler roots. The fiddle tune Blackberry Blossom gets a healthy workout from the band as Bill Monroe's You Won't Be Satisfied That Way receives a rollicking interpretation.

With only two studio albums and this live release under her solo belt, Rodriguez has found her sound and continues exploring the music within her.