Charlie Daniels Band

A Bluegrass Christmas – 2009 (E1)

Reviewed by Dan MacIntosh

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Charlie Daniels has recorded what he calls a bluegrass Christmas CD, although he isn't so exclusive that there are only bluegrass folks helping him out. His friends also include country singer Aaron Tippin (Christmas Time Down South) and folksinger Jewel (Blue Christmas).

Daniels also made sure everybody knows full well that this is a Southern Christmas music collection. Song titles include Christmas Time Down South, Mississippi Christmas and A Carolina Christmas Carol. [Nope, not a Boston or New York Christmas selection in the bunch]. And while there are "secular" tunes, like The Christmas Song, nicely sung by Dan Tyminski, Daniels is equally unashamed to put a whole lot of his Christianity into this work. Hallelujah is particularly to the Christ-centric point, and if that's not enough, the Christmas story is read from the book of Luke by Mr. Daniels himself.

Yes, there are a lot of layers to this work, but the bottom line is that Daniels and his friends play and sing well throughout. Therefore, even if you may not share Daniels' Christianity or have a zip code someplace North, East or West, you'll still get a lot of pleasure from this work.