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Rosie Flores and the Pine Valley Cosmonauts

Girl of the Century – 2009 (Bloodshot)

Reviewed by Dan MacIntosh

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Rosie Flores is the last person that needs more spunk, but somehow producer Jon Langford found a way to add a few more ounces of bounce to this rockabilly firebrand's stride. Flores might be small in stature, but she sure works up a big, bold sound throughout this excellent release.

She rocks out with I Ain't Got You and This Little Girl's Gone Rockin', yet shows tremendous restraint and vocal strength on the title track ballad. Langford inserts a little spunk of his own, as he trades lyrical lines with Flores on a lovers spat called Who's Gonna Take Your Garbage Out. And even though Langford puts up a good fight, the listener is left with the overriding feeling Flores will end up with the upper hand after all is said and done.

This CD is also eclectic in a few unexpected places. For instance, you may be surprised by the reggae beat that supports the emotionally moving Halfway Home. Flores' brand of country is always the variety that comes with a driving beat. So when she decides to cover a Johnny Cash song, she chooses Get Rhythm, which will make you feel good - even if your woman makes you put the garbage out.