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Daddy – 2009 (Ceder Creek Music)

Reviewed by Andy Turner

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If you really believe in fair pricing, you should be willing to pay double for an album featuring Tommy Womack and Will Kimbrough. Lucky for you, the wildly talented Nashville duo, which previously teamed in the bis-quits, is only charging a single-disc price for its doggone damn great latest effort.

"For a Second Time" is loaded with top-notch songwriting and gritty grooves that tap country, blues and rock influences with skill and guts. You'll no doubt hear shades of Daddy's heroes (a terrific title for a feel-good memoir) in certain songs, starting with the very first track, Nobody From Nowhere, which features a drum intro that certainly recalls Sympathy For the Devil. But the Womack/Kimbrough tag team has its own distinct stew, which is no doubt laced with some variety of intoxicants.

Songs such as Wash & Fold and Love in a Bottle showcase the band's good humor and barroom rouse-ability. As they have often done in their solo work, Womack and Kimbrough also display thoughtful, passionate social commentary (frequently with the same good humor) in Early to Bed, Early to Rise and the aforementioned opening track. A prickly cover of Mike Millius' The Ballad of Martin Luther King is another definite highlight. Topics to expect on For a Second Time: Redemption, rednecks and rock-n-roll.