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Trailer Choir

Off the Hillbily Hook – 2009 (ShowDog Nashville)

Reviewed by Greg Yost

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After a quick look at Trailer Choir's track list with song titles like In My Next 5 Beers, Off The Hillbilly Hook and Rockin' The Beer Gut, it would be easy to dismiss this band as just another flash-in-the-pan novelty act with a couple of funny songs. However, after just one listen to the six tracks, it is clear that not only is this trio funny, but Trailer Choir has the songwriting, vocal and music talent to sustain a career.

The band, - Butter, Big Vinny and Crystal - has a rock/country hybrid sound that instantly brings to mind the genre-blurring music of Big & Rich. There isn't a whole lot of twang, but the band's country roots are evident nonetheless. Produced by Toby Keith and released through his Show Dog Nashville label, this is full of radio-ready country songs with plenty of big pop hooks and memorable harmony vocals.

The humorous and catchy Rockin' The Beer Gut is the ideal soundtrack for a drive down the highway with the windows rolled down, while Rollin' Through The Sunshine is the kind of sing-along pop anthem perfectly suited for a lazy summer day. The band also shows it serious side with What Would You Say, an introspective look at love and life.

Keith has proven throughout his career that he has an ear for catchy country songs, and his latest discovery is further evidence of that fact. With this debut EP, Trailer Choir shows that it is more than capable of delivering solid country songs with mainstream appeal.