Kerri Powers

Faith in the Shadows – 2009 (Gritty Ditty)

Reviewed by Rick Teverbaugh

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After several listens, what emerged from the music of this obviously intelligent and talented singer/songwriter was that this must have been the exactly what was planned when the Americana genre was born. It has rarely been executed any better and seldom with any more honesty and truth than Kerri Powers brings to bear in these 10 tunes.

What makes this so pleasing time after time is its balance. Sometimes it will be the writing of Powers, a Massachusetts resident with her first CD since 2002, that will grab your attention as she paints word pictures that seem to take you to places not typically visited. Other times it will be her compelling voice and her ability to pull you into the tale gently or forcefully as the song warrants.

Still other times it's the songs, presented in sparse format, assuring that production won't distract from the meat of the material. The songs cut a wide path through, blues, rock and country. Fireworks and Cheap Repairs has an undaunted feel. Sweet Crusade presents a sensual side and Nobody Minds My Drinking shows the alcoholic mindset at its highest point of denial.

Crit Harmon has done a fine job producing in such a way that it feels purely Powers in every way. It is a stellar outing top to bottom.