King Wilkie

King Wilkie Presents: The Wilkie Family Singers – 2009 (Casa Nueva)

Reviewed by Larry Stephens

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It's either genius or the craziest thing you've ever heard. The remaining members of bluegrass band King Wilkie join forces with other well known (and some not so well known) names like Peter Rowan and John McEuen to make a recording that, most of the time, seems to channel '60s rock bands.

Once you get past the group endeavor opening blurb you get an Association-like Videotape, you segue to Delta blues and then on to Ricky Nelson (Sweet Dream). Orange Creme Houses kicks off, and you'll keep waiting for it to kick into American Pie riffs. You're even treated to some nearly indecipherable Dylanesque lyrics in Take It Underground. The juxtaposition of styles is disconcerting.

For those who saw them playing bluegrass venues like Bean Blossom, bluegrass is a faded vision in their rearview mirror.