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Crowe Brothers

Brothers-N-Harmony – 2008 (Rural Rhythm)

Reviewed by Kevin Oliver

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Performing in various configurations since 1975 as a duo and with folks like Raymond Fairchild, Josh and Wayne Crowe have perfected a style that's part bluegrass, part classic country and full of traditional brotherly harmony singing that makes genre distinctions take a back seat in service of some great tunes.

Songs like Cindy Mae and Million For a Broken Heart are throwbacks to the early days of bluegrass when it was still considered a variation on standard country music, with lap steel, piano and percussion on the latter emphasizing the difference between this and contemporary bluegrass.

No matter what you call their music, however, the Crowe Brothers are a fine singing duo in the tradition of the Wilburn Brothers or the Louvin Brothers, whose Are You Teasin' Me? they cover here, as if to make the comparison that much more obvious.

Bluegrass fans will want to make note of appearances by Ronnie McCoury, Randy Kohrs and Don Wayne Reno's appearance on his dad's song Better Luck Next Time.