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Little Big Town

A Place To Land (re-release) – 2008 (Capitol Nashville)

Reviewed by Linda Dailey Paulson

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Little Big Town's third studio album was recently re-released by the group's new label after they split from Equity Music Group and took the CD with them. Those already familiar with the quartet will find a dozen tracks from the original recording, but there are also four new tracks to enjoy including a live coda - a cover of The Dream Academy's Life in a Northern Town - recorded with Jake Owen and Sugarland that has charted on its own. Highlights include That's Where I'll Be, Only What You Make of It and the straight up rockin' Fury.

The musical backing fully and artfully supports the interplay in the vocal harmonies and lyrical content (as on Love Profound). That lead vocalists vary is also a boon. What's a mystery is who is responsible for the wonderful arrangements. The group? The physical arrangers - make up, styling, hair - get credit in the liner notes, why not the musical ones?

Once again, this recording may have country purists may scratching their heads. The sound has more in common with the'70s' rich rock harmonies (think America or CSN/CSNY) than those of Nashville origins (think: The Gatlins or Oak Ridge Boys).