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Blue Moon Rising

One Lonely Shadow – 2008 (Lonesome Day)

Reviewed by Kevin Oliver

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The latest from Tennessee bluegrass trio Blue Moon Rising finds them solidly in the contemporary side of the genre with help from some big names along the way. The centerpiece is "The Hanging Tree," a dark chronology of a tree that has seen many evil acts. The eerie, ancient tones of the narrative song would fit right in on a Blue Highway album, as would the biblical tale of Ezekiel brought to life in "Revival."

Along with some other solid originals, Blue Moon Rising has intriguing taste in outside material, from Townes Van Zandt's moribund "Marie" to Fred Eaglesmith's rollicking "Freight Train," Robbie Fulks' "Where There's A Road" and even a faithful take of Bruce Springsteen's "Youngstown."

If judged by the company you keep, then Blue Moon Rising are in good standing with their peers in the bluegrass world. Assisting on these sessions were such well-known pickers as Mike Bub, Randy Kohrs, Tim Crouch and Steve Gulley.