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Jeff Griffith

If It Ain't One Thing It's Another – 2007 (Arrowhead)

Reviewed by Steven Freedman

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With this debut CD, Jeff Griffith and company decided on a more guarded approach. They have come up with an effort that is bland and flawed by its predictability. Griffith takes us through songs, more than half of which can be attributed in part to either producer (and singer) Joe Stampley and his son, Tony.

Overall, there is a lack of oomph and palpability to the music in that many of the performances are uninspiring and trying to hard to be commercially viable. Even more disconcerting is the absence of a willingness to let the artist take the performing to a higher level as is evident on only three occasions with "Holed Up in Some Honky Tonk," "Fishin' Forever" and the feisty title cut which do showcase Griffith's depth and range.