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Blue Highway

Through the Window of a Train – 2008 (Rounder)

Reviewed by Dr. Bobby Jones

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Classic Blue Highway. After 10 years, they have earned the accolade.

Three lead singers - all talented enough to front a national level band. The rich harmony work is of the Blue Highway signature stack. Wayne Taylor sings with the emotion of man who escaped the coal mines and ain't planning on going back. Tim Stafford continues to craft songs with depth. Some of the best work of Alison Krauss was from his catalogue.

The instrumentation is perfect. From the get go, Jason Burleson opens with the unique style that defines Blue Highway banjo. Rob Ickes continues his Dobro mastery. Shawn Lane exemplifies modern mandolin, yet nods to Monroe legacy with powerful down-strokes on "V Bottom Boat."

They speak to social consciousness too, with songs of forgotten homeless veterans, fallen heroes, and heartbroken families.

The CD is a fine example of how far down the bluegrass highway a democratic band can travel. After all these years, they must have some artistic differences of opinion, but when they speak music, it is with a unified voice. Blue Highway personifies modern acoustic music with respect for tradition. Highly recommended, highly respected.