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Josh Turner

Everything Is Fine – 2007 (MCA Nashville)

Reviewed by Jacquilynne Schlesier

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Josh Turner's latest follows along the groove established by his previous album, "Your Man." There's the cover of a classic tune ("One Woman Man"), a couple of collaborators (Trisha Yearwood on "Another Try" and R&B artist Anthony Hamilton on "Nowhere Fast"), the religious track ("The Way He Was Raised") and the tribute to his Southern upbringing ("South Carolina Low Country"). In between lies a mix of flirty, upbeat tunes and ballads about love and life.

It's a formula built around variety, which does, at least, keep things interesting. The Hamilton collaboration is unexpectedly soulful, with just a hint of country instrumentation. Though it was recently penned, "The Longer The Waiting" has the feel of a traditional folk ballad. "One Woman Man" owes its honky tonk kick to the George Jones version; putting his deep voice to good use, Turner pays ample tribute to the legendary singer.

Some songs don't work as well. "Trailerhood" is a one word pun stretched to three and a half minutes. And, while many of the tracks aimed for a classic feel, it's "So Not My Baby" and the attempt to be current that ends up sounding dated. Not everything on this album is fine, but there's more than enough that's better than fine to make it worthwhile.