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Ron Block

DoorWay – 2007 (Rounder)

Reviewed by Larry Stephens

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Ron Block has become well known as a member of Union Station but he is also a respected artist outside of that narrow scope. He is a deeply religious man and a respected voice when he communicates with the bluegrass community.

Although he has an established reputation in bluegrass, this is definitely not a bluegrass gospel album. Some cuts are bluegrass, like "Along The Way" and "Be Assured" but others, like "Flame," are progressive gospel, including a two-part "instrumental story" with Block soloing on guitar.

The quality of the music is as excellent as expected from a musician like Block, who sings all the lead and composed all the songs and attracted an impressive array of musicians to help him (Dan Tyminski, Adam Steffey, Stuart Duncan). The mix of solid bluegrass songs with very progressive songs sometimes leaves you grasping to deal with the changes in styles.

This is an unabashed expression of his spirituality and includes a spiritual introduction with each set of lyrics (included in the booklet). When you've listened to the closing line of "Someone" you'll know you just heard a good CD, but you may have to spend some time struggling to understand just what you heard.