Black Music Matters Festival

Larry Sparks

The Last Suit You'll Wear – 2007 (McCoury Music)

Reviewed by Dr. Bobby Jones

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Larry Spark's latest recording excellently represents the soulful vocal delivery of bluegrass music. Sparks' genuine approach has won him top IBMA awards as male singer of the year, and this recording serves as evidence of that authenticity. Most of the cuts are straightforward bluegrass and gospel, with some that have a country flair. They are all good.

One would expect the first offering from Del McCoury's new label, and produced by Don Rigsby, would stick to traditional bluegrass, and this recording does so. In that regard, there are not many surprises in the overall sound, yet all the work is first class, and even the new material has a timeless quality. Recommended for fans of traditional bluegrass and gospel music.