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Pam Tillis

Rhinestoned – 2007 (Stellar Cat)

Reviewed by Kevin Oliver

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Pam Tillis' first non-major label disc, "Tillis Sings Tillis," reminded listeners that Mel's daughter had strong roots in his brand of traditional country. She takes advantage of her continued independence on this new release on her own label to venture not just into traditional fare, but pop, rock and even bit of cabaret jazz style. The end result is a widely varied and enjoyable album that's still commercial-sounding enough that one could imagine many of these songs on country radio, if they only had the taste to play them.

Tillis sounds energized and effortless on disparate songs like the upbeat "Down By The Water" and the opening ballad, "Something Burning Out," one of two Leslie Satcher tunes here. Tillis' other songs come from a bevy of well-known writers, from Jon Randall to Verlon Thompson, Lisa Brokop and Matraca Berg, but it is her own sense of country tradition mixed with appreciation for other genres that makes this more than just another average album out of Nashville.