Cadillac Sky

Blind Man Walking – 2007 (Skaggs Family)

Reviewed by J.P. Tausig

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Acoustic music lovers will like the latest from Cadillac Sky on their their first major bluegrass label release, though their second album since an independent effort came out in 2003. This group pushes the edges of traditional folk and bluegrass. Most of their songs like "You Again" and "Insomniac Blues for Matthew" are rhythmically complex, dipping into some jazz and rock grooves, making for a Newgrass overall feel.

Filled with original music written by band members, songs cover the range from more traditional bluegrass and country arrangements to the Celtic-styled "Homesick Angel" and the title track "Blind Man Walking," which is more Christian rock oriented and includes an Australian didgeridoo.

Cadillac Sky also uses several creative editing techniques throughout, first recording the music, then the vocals. There are intros with bar noise, whispers or all the pops and skips of old vinyl.

Regardless, this group has very tight vocal harmonies, great instrumentals and explores the edges of bluegrass, folk and Christian music with some jazz influences as well.

This is a highly recommended and refreshing album that only suffers from an overemphasis on mandolin and banjo licks with some distracting pick noise. Hopefully their next effort will be a little more balanced.