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Cactus Brothers

24Hrs. 7 Days a Week – 1995 (Capitol Nashville)

Reviewed by Richard McVey II

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The Cactus Brothers set is a mixture of classic rock meets country meets bluegrass. In fact, it's doubtful that you'll hear this much banjo and hit guitar licks on any one album. Comprised of 11 songs, if looking for something totally different and slightly refreshing, look no further.

Songs of interest include a remake of CCR's classic "Lodi" and a rockin' version of Junior Brown's semi-hit, "Highway Patrol." You'll also notice on this predominantly laid-back album that "Redhead" is an instrumental that can be described as Bill Monroe on speed.

Overall, the album, produced by Randy Scruggs, is certainly worth buying because there's no chance in hell that any of these songs will make it on today's conservative country radio.