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12lb. Test

Harm's Way – 2001 (Miles Of Music)

Reviewed by Andy Turner

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Here we have another fine group from the Texas town of Denton, also home of Slobberbone. In fact, 12lb. Test frontman and chief songwriter Michael Hill once was a member of ‘Bone.

12lb Test, similar to Hill's former group, prides itself on delivering a tasty concoction of twang and roaring guitars. However, the band doesn't rely on sheer firepower alone. They're quite capable of being powerfully poppy on songs like "Tear Me Down," "When We Didn't Know" and "Could've Fooled Me," where you're tempted to hum along to guitar feedback.

Hill's voice is appealing melodic and downright sweet. He's not exactly Dwight Twilley with more of a country accent, but Hill's passionately sung vocals capture perfectly the world of love and loss ("Kicked in the Face," "Peace Offering") and make you wonder, why you wanna break his heart? An excellent debut. ( or Miles of Music)