Burrito Deluxe

Georgia Peach – 2002 (Lamon)

Reviewed by Rick Bell

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The look on "Sneaky" Pete Kleinow's face among the liner notes about sums up this "tribute" to the Flying Burrito Brothers: half-suspicious, half-morose and completely indifferent. Kleinow, of course, was the original steel guitarist for short-lived but extremely influential Burritos, which counts Gram Parsons and Chris Hillman as its founding members.

No matter here, however, but this muddled tribute of sorts neither adds anything to the legend of the Burritos or provides any musical insight into what made the band such a cornerstone of the late '60s Southern California country rock scene. Kleinow's steel guitar work is largely lost throughout most of the production, and when it does surface, the playing is rather bland and uninspired.

Willie Watson's Parsons impersonation conjures no fond recollection of that classic Parsons warble, and Carlton Moody should just back off of tunes like "Devil in Disguise" and "Cash on the Barrelhead."

You'd like to think the intentions here were noble, especially allowing Kleinow to fire up his steel guitar again. But it would be generous to go so far as to say these guys are a worthy Flying Burrito Brothers cover band. (Box 25371, Charlotte, NC 28229)