The Dave & Deke Combo

There's Nothing Like an Old Hillbilly: Lost and Found Treasures 1991-2005 – 2005 (Bucket-Lid)

Reviewed by Stuart Munro

Fans of the late, lamented Dave & Deke Combo will welcome a new compilation of rare and released tracks from the band. The collection's subtitle dating is a bit misleading: everything here is drawn from the band's '91 to '96 tenure with the exception of the closing track, "In the Meadow," a hillbilly cornpone takeoff on Elvis's "In the Ghetto" that was recorded earlier this year. The rest is previously unreleased studio and live recordings along with tracks reprised from various 45s and EPs. All of it is the Combo's usual mix of rockabilly and hi-test hillbilly (leaning a bit to the rockabilly side here), featuring Dickerson's nonpareil guitar work and the duo's countrified harmonies applied to a batch of rescued obscurities, Stuckey gems, and Dickerson instrumentals. None of it is second-rate. (Bucket-Lid, Box 29104, Los Angeles, Cal. 90029)