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Fly Rite Boys

Big Sandy Presents The Fly-Rite Boys – 1998 (HighTone)

Reviewed by Rachel Leibrock

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Longtime favorites on the live western swing/rockabilly circuit, the Fly-Rite Boys are synonymous with band leader Big Sandy - it's nearly impossible to imagine one without the other. This release, however, forces fans to rethink their notion.

Big Sandy Presents features the band taking the spotlight sans Big Sandy. Moving through a dozen mostly instrumental tracks, the Boys carve out a retro symphony of swing, boogie woogie, rockabilly, cowboy jazz, jump and hillbilly blues. As a whole, the disc is a pleasant if rather sedate collection - modern technology just can't capture what the Boys do best live. Still, this offers the fan a rare opportunity to hear various band members take to the microphone. Pianist Carl Leyland's smooth, rich vocals on "Rosetta" suggest an inviting sample of future solo outings.