Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys

Turntable Matinee – 2006 (Yep Roc)

Reviewed by Robert Wooldridge

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With the title and the simulated needle dropping and surface noise that opens and closes this disc it is clear that Big Sandy intends for his latest release to be a nostalgic journey. The main component of Big Sandy's sound is rockabilly, most prominently heard on the opening track "Power of the 45," the Buddy Hollyesque "The Ones You Say You Love" and bassist Jeff West's composition "Mad."

There's also a Bakersfield touch on "The Great State of Misery," a Memphis soul feel on "Slippin' Away" as well as some twang on "Lonesome Dollar," "You Don't Know Me at All" and the western swinger "Yes (I Feel Sorry For You)."

As always Big Sandy (a.k.a. Robert Williams, who composed all but three of the tracks) is in fine voice, particularly on the ballad "I Know I've Loved You Before" and the rocking "Love That Man." Instrumentally the Fly-Rite Boys are topflight with Ashley Kingman (lead guitar), Bobby Trimble (drums), Jimmy Roy (steel guitar, dobro) and bassist West, who also contributes the tunes "Lonesome Dollar" and "You Don't Know Me at All." Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys latest is a thoroughly enjoyable effort.