Kacey Jones

Kacey Jones Sings Mickey Newbury – 2006 (Self-released)

Reviewed by David McPherson

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With a voice that wavers with eternal beauty from a bygone era, Kacey Jones uses her powerful pipes to pay homage to her favorite songwriter, and one of America's greats: Mickey Newbury.

While Jones is best known as a comedienne and has a gift for making people laugh, she also has a sensitive side. Her 15 renditions of Newbury's songs here are sure to make you cry with their sorrow. Newbury was a legendary Nashville songwriter, and Jones helps preserve the late songsmith's memory. The disc opens with the tender "Song of Sorrow" and from this blissful beginning Jones takes the listener on a journey of Newbury's poetic nuances as her delicate delivery gives one time to soak in each and every word of this gifted songwriter, while concurrently admiring Jones' vocals.

Newbury's songs possess a soul that comes alive when the words are sung, and luckily for music lovers, Jones' tribute captures this soul and ensures it stays alive just a wee bit longer. From the tender "Lie to Me Darlin'" to the touching and dreamy "Goodnight," the passionate poems Newbury created are recreated by Jones with the same drips of soul to ensure they are not forgotten and remain an integral part of the American songbook.