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Various Artists

Feel Like My Time Ain't Long – 2006 (Rebel)

Reviewed by Dr. Bobby Jones

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This new bluegrass gospel a cappella compilation CD features 15 highlight cuts off the Rebel label over the last few years.

The CD is an excellent representation of the sub genre of a cappella bluegrass gospel by offering examples from well known artists such as Ralph Stanley, The Country Gentlemen, Larry Sparks, III Tyme Out and Blue Highway as well as other selections by lesser known groups, but still with nicely done renditions. The CD is produced by Dave Freeman of Rebel, and mastered by AirShow with their usual professionalism.

Compilations are, by definition, a gathering of works from other sources, and those with extensive collections may have most, if not all, these recordings scattered throughout their library. However, it still serves as a well thought out introduction to the genre to those without access to the work of the variety of artists that contribute to the collection. If one could only have a single CD of a cappella bluegrass gospel, this would certainly be a good place to start.