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Danielle Peck

Danielle Peck – 2006 (Big Machine)

Reviewed by Michael Sudhalter

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One thing that separates Danielle Peck is the way she uses a religious theme in a breakup song. Peck's first single "I Don't" speaks from a woman's point of view talking to her ex-lover who wants forgiveness "The difference is Jesus loves you, I don't," she replies.

Whether it's a tender ballad or an up-tempo number, Peck's able to sing with enough emotion to make you feel like she's fully experienced heartache or a cut-loose, girls night out.

The North Carolina-born, Ohio-raised Peck shows her creativity, co-writing 8 of the 11 songs on her debut. She previously released several singles on DreamWorks Nashville, but an album was shelved.

Somewhere between traditional and pop-oriented country, Peck's voice is reminiscent of Shania Twain's "The Woman In Me" album, especially on ballads like "Kiss You On the Mouth" and "A Woman Does Too." Peck shines on the girl anthem "Findin' A Good Man"- her second single - and the playful "Sucks To Be You."Other than "I Don't," "Only The Lonely Talkin'" goes the furthest in establishing an original sound for Peck.