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Bryan White

The Right Place – 1997 (Asylum)

Reviewed by Jeffrey B. Remz

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Bryan White may be in the right place in the country market of today because what passes for country nowadays wouldn't in other generations. And, therefore, you wouldn't have heard him on the radio either.White is really a light pop crooner with a slight amount of country elements in the guitar and pedal steel, enough to manage to get played on country radio. He has good enough of a voice within his range, albeit a very limited one.

The songs genuinely flow one into the other without being all that distinctive. Somnolence eventually sets in after the uptempo, leadoff "Love is the Right Place" is over. Save for the bouncy "The Natural Thing" and "Bad Day to Let You Go," everything else is middle ground. The writing leaves a lot to be desired as well with lightweight lyrics admist syrupy love songs. This is strictly country Light.