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Bryan White

How Lucky I Am – 1999 (Asylum)

Reviewed by Jeffrey B. Remz

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An encyclopedia of the history of country music of the Nineties would put Bryan White's name right next to the listing for pop country. This album is no different than his others - there's an ever so slight hint of country - a slight twang in the guitar, or a fiddle perhaps - but really, the Okie is pop, who found a home on the country charts.

Almost every song retains a pop bounce ("Love Happens Just Like That"). Instead of pedal steel, keyboards fill out the sound. Rocking guitar and churning drums in the best tradition of pop country power the blandy arranged songs.

White's voice is as airy and breathy as ever ("God Gave Me You," a song perfect for the N-Sync's of the world). He'd probably sing phone book listings the same way. In a word, bland.