What The World Needs Now Is Love – 2003 (Curb)

Reviewed by Dan MacIntosh

CDs by Wynonna

Wynonna has a readymade prescription for the planet's ills with her latest, but hers is not that old Bacharach/David pain killer of a pop song, but a new track by Lamar/James. This timely composition may have a completely different melody and also a little overt banjo running through it, but its lyrical wish for, "Love and only love," and "A little help from above," preaches pretty much the same sentiment as old, albeit in a different package.

Love of the heavenly kind is a theme that runs from start to finish through this glossy country-soul offering. God is called out directly with "Rescue Me," and the whole love thang is explored via a cover of Foreigner's "I Want To Know What Love Is," which also features a big rock guitar solo from Jeff Beck.

The more frisky side of love is toyed with during a fun run-through on Elvis' "Burnin' Love." Producer Dan Huff gives Wynonna a bright, pop-ish sound that is not dissimilar to what he also does for Faith Hill. But since this daughterly Judd saturates her singing with plenty of soulful character, you don't really mind the fact that most of this ain't exactly traditional country music.