Black Music Matters Festival

Willie Nelson

Just One Love – 1995 (Justice)

Reviewed by George Hauenstein

Willie Nelson is one of the many over-40 year old country singers who've been dumped by their record label, and whose songs can't get airplay in today's hot new country radio format. Willie's second effort for the Houston-based independent label harks back to his work in the late '60's/early 70's. The album is definitively more of a country record than most of his recent offerings. He doesn't break a lot of new ground here, instead relying mostly on country standards like" 8 More Miles to Louisville" (featuring the vocals and banjo of Grandpa Jones) and several Floyd Tillman songs, including the classic, "This Cold War With You." The only original tunes on the record were penned by little-known, fellow-Texan, Kimmie Rhodes, who joins Willie in a nice duet treatment on the record's title cut. Nelson is still a major force in today's music, an American original. Though he's over 40 and can't get in the Top 40, his music is always fun and still deserves to be heard.