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The Waco Brothers

Electric Waco Chair – 2000 (Bloodshot)

Reviewed by Brian Baker

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When we last visited Jon Langford's Waco Brothers, some were giving it to the musical overachiever for not quite hitting the mark on "WacoWorld." While it wasn't a perfect album, that's pretty much the standard line on Langford projects, so the carping was slightly off target.

On the other hand, Langford had just recently finished his Skull Orchard solo album, and The Mekons were just wrapping up a new one as well. It may have been that Langford and the Wacos were stretched just a little too thin. If that was the perceived problem then, no such division of attention exists here, the latest chapter in the Big Book of Langford and Company.

As usual, the Wacos place their bets at a window somewhere between the outlaw country of Hag and Cash and Waylon and the punkish country translators like The Clash and early Jason and the Scorchers. The best parts ("Make Things Happen," "Dragging My Own Tombstone," "It's Not Enough," "Where in the World") are energetic blends of all of those, tossed liberally with the Wacos' own special sauce to create country with a potent kick.