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The V-Roys

All About Town – 1998 (E-Squared)

Reviewed by Eric Zehnbauer

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The V-Roys' latest effort is a real mixed bag. While it's all good, there's not a lot it that you could really call country. Three tracks are the most country, actually more bluegrass it gets. "Virginia Way/Shenandoah Breakdown" is a gentle, mandolin-laced ballad with a spirited banjo break at the end. A final, hidden track at the end is a rollicking bluegrass hoedown.

Otherwise, there are a few folky tunes, including "Fade Away" and "Sorry Sue," along with an Irish-influenced rocker, "Over the Mountain." Most of the rest is rock, heavily influenced by the style of producer/co-writer Steve Earle (Not that that's a bad thing at all).

But for those looking for more country in their music, be it traditional or "new" country, they're not likely to find a lot of it here. Then again, they might find a whole 'nother sound to enjoy!