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Thrasher Shiver

Thrasher Shiver – 1996 (Asylum)

Reviewed by Chuck Hamilton

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After listening to Thrasher Shiver's debut album, it's pretty obvious Neil Thrasher andKelly Shiver make a talented duo, with voices that blend about as well as any you'll hear.

What's also obvious is that this could be a better album than it is. Why isn't it? The samereason so many other albums out of Music City aren't. The usual suspects: airplay over artistry, slick production that's devoid of emotion, of MOR overkill with an occasional bone thrown to country listeners.

In this collection, "All the King's Horses" is about as country as it gets. "You and I Belong" is a pleasant love song, one of the better cuts, while "Closer" has an Everly Brothers feel to it. All in all however, the album reminds one of another duo, the Bellamy Brothers, a pop act that called itself country. Obviously Thrasher and Shiver have more talent than the run of the mill hunks with hats. Maybe next time, the suits will let them show more of it.