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The Sovines

Truckers Welcome – 1999 (Kingpin)

Reviewed by James Mann

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The Sovines are what a band made up of Iggy Pop, Dwight Yoakam and Johnny Ramone would sound like, if they played in a small bar somewhere near the Mississippi River.

Songs like "Hi-Ballin' the Jack" and "They Drive By Night" wouldn't sound out of place on a Dave Dudley ("Six Days on the Road") or Red Sovine record, and cuts like "Jesus Dionysus," "Between the River and the Railroad Track" and "Drinks after Church" are just good songs, period. Then you get to something like "Stuck on Planet Earth," which is just strange enough to make you hit the "replay" button on the CD player. It goes without saying that this is good driving music - professionally or not. (Kingpin, P.O. Box 14234, Chicago, IL 60614-0234)