Tanya Tucker

Tanya – 2002 (Capitol Nashville)

Reviewed by Rick Teverbaugh

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The old growl and attitude is still there, perhaps just a bit less threatening or convincing, but there is a softer, more sensitive side that comes through on Tanya Tucker's new disc. This is the first release in five years for Tucker and her first on her new Tuckertime Records label.

"Old Weakness" starts the disc in a manner befitting her chip-on-the-shoulder legacy. But her tone softens almost immediately "Oh What A Love" and continues through much of the rest of the disc for songs like "We Had It All," "I Can Live Without You" and "1010 Whippoorwill Lane." Perhaps it's growing older or maybe the demanding role of motherhood that has soften the contest and delivery she uses. It takes a bit of time to adjust expectations to coincide with this new approach, but after a while it grows and seems a more natural fit. Tucker may just mine some new fans who will find many of the love songs on this disc heartfelt and persuading.

Tucker hasn't lost all of her bite and her vocals are, at times, as rough and invigorating as ever. But "Tanya" now proves she is ready to enjoy quieter and more personal pleasures than her back catalog of hit material.