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Bob E. Rock

This is – 2000 (No Club)

Reviewed by Ken Burke

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Part of the American rockabilly mythos is based on the recorded trials and travails of obscure, small label performers. Until recently, the artists whose work has been uncovered and worshipped by current boppers came from the '50's. Having exhausted those venerable talents, we now move on to unknowns from rockabilly存 other great era, the late 70's/early 80's.

Bob E. Rock (real name undisclosed) slapped the bass for Tex Rubinowitz. Though Rock had only one release on Ripsaw, No Club存 compilation proves he was a spirited and adventurous revivalist.

Aided by Ripsaw luminaries Martha Hull, Eddie Angel and Rubinowitz, who co-wrote several songs, Rock achieves an authentic, effervescent sound. The strongest originals pay tribute to Elvis Presley ("Humes High,"), Buddy Holly ("Do You Believe") and Carl Perkins ("Everybody存 Got Somebody But Me") while not seeming overly nostalgic.

Classics by Gene Vincent ("Brand New Beat"), Holly ("Modern Don Juan") and Ron Holden ("My Babe"), provide a solid basis for Rock存 inspired hiccups and squeals. The highlight is Rock存 deliciously irreverent up-tempo version of a Presley ballad ("First In Line"). Several sides are so catchy one has to wonder why they haven宇 been previously released which qualifies this set for inclusion in the new Church of the Latter Day Rockabilly Mythos.