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Southern Culture on the Skids

Southern Seat Sweat – 1998 (Geffen)

Reviewed by Robert Loy

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In their words, Southern Culture on the Skids says "this album is intended to make you shake your ass," and this rhythmically-challenged reviewer is duty-bound to say that at this they succeeded admirably. It may be possible to refrain from shaking one's booty to such bizarre anthems as "Earthmover" and "Country Funk," but extremely unlikely. And you'd definitely have to skip "Shotgun" with the catchiest riff since the Archies' "Sugar, Sugar."

The Skids are raucous and the beat may be more rock than rockabilly, but their sensibilities are all Southern, deeply Southern, as evidenced by their paeans to white trash cuisine "Banana Puddin' and "Carve That Possum" (the latter a remake of an ancient Uncle Dave Macon tune). If you ever wondered what the B-52s might have sounded like if they'd been raised in a Hooterville trailer park (bassist/vocalist Mary Huff even wears a beehive hairdo), or you just love "country funk" that makes impossible to keep a straight face or an immobile ass, check out this proud-to-be-red.