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Bobby Pinson

Man Like Me – 2005 (RCA)

Reviewed by Dan MacIntosh

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A man like Bobby Pinson is the kind of guy that can almost single-handedly restore your faith in commercial country music. Although this CD loses a little steam toward the end, it nevertheless features enough solid songs to showcase his talent. And it doesn't hurt that he also has a natural sincerity in his voice, which makes you believe every single word he growls.

Pinson has the innate ability to put the issues of life into crystal clear perspective. This is best exemplified by "Nothin' Happens In This Town," which exposes how the devil truly finds work for idol hands to do. It's also hard not to say a hearty amen to Pinson's common man faith in "One More Believer" and take his straightforward advice from "Don't Ask Me How I Know." He may rock a little hard in places, but the line, "Haggard and Hank were bigger than Springsteen," reveals exactly where his country heart is at. Even some of the weaker songs from this disc's second half still contain lines that jump right out at you. For instance, when he sings, "You count your blessings row by row," you get an instant summarization of the farmer's hard life. So how can you possibly dislike a man like Pinson?