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Bobby Bare Jr.

From the End of Your Leash – 2004 (Bloodshot)

Reviewed by Andy Turner

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Considering his country music legend father released albums with titles like "Drunk and Crazy" and sang songs such as "Dropkick Me Jesus" and "Quaaludes Again," Bobby Bare Jr. almost seems like he was born to sing "Visit Me in Music City." The hilarious take-off of life in Nashville, co-written by Bares Jr. and Sr. along with Tony Crow, includes lines about "naked Hee Haw honeys" and record deals that "fly in and out like happy bumblebees" and begins with this explanation of his origins: "I was born at the Ryman Auditorium during the Martha White portion of the Grand Ole Opry/Roy Acuff cut off my umbilical and then tied me off with his yo-yo string."

This is his second full-length release with the League, which this time around includes Will Oldham, Andrew Bird and Paul Burch among others.

Bare has always used heavy doses of humor in his songs, which are a little country, a little rock, a little bit of everything and usually deal with decidedly sad themes: loneliness, dejection, desperation, etc. For the most part, Bare's songs avoid sounding silly, but come off instead as brutally honest tales of woe. Standout tracks include "Don't Follow Me (I'm Lost)," "Beguiled, Bashful and Burnt" and "Valentine," which appeared in different form on last year's "OK, I'm Sorry" E.P.