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Roy D. Mercer

How Big'a Boy Are Ya? (Volumes 1-3) – 1997 (Capitol)

Reviewed by Robert Loy

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Roy D. Mercer makes prank calls complaining about a pager that blew up and burned his wife's hindquarters or a gas-causing breakfast burrito or the studded dog collar and vinyl panties the auto shop left in his glove compartment or ...well, you get the idea. Kind of a backwoods Jerky Boys. It sounds sort of like the morning shock jock radio show in Hooterville. He inevitably threatens the person with physical violence, and the most interesting parts are the victims's reactions to being told that Mercer's got a "55 gallon drum of ass-whip" he's going to pour all over them. When he's got a live one on the other end, many tracks are funny. But by volume three, when Mercer is trying to liven things up with such grade school witticisms as feigned flatulence, the joke wears pretty thin. If you're not tired of this trilogy long before it's over, they probably need to come disconnect your telephone.