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Rodney Carrington

Hangin' With Rodney – 1998 (Mercury)

Reviewed by Robert Loy

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You've probably heard Rodney Carrington on "Bob and Tom" or one of the other morning shock joke radio shows. He's loud and obscene (in the liner notes he states that his drumstick (not the word he uses) is bigger than Tommy Lee's) and sophomoric (sort of like Sam Kinison with a guitar and a twang) - and he's pretty darn funny too, albeit not to everyone's taste.

The first part of the album is straight - but unquotable in a family magazine - stand-up. Things really take off though when he whips out the guitar and croons such memorable numbers as "Dancing With a Man" and "Letter to my Penis." He even turns "Purple Rain" into a country song. The only thing marring this debut is the fact that three of the selections are on here twice, the second time as "bonus" tracks. Carrington might want to invest in a dictionary.