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Rich McCready

That Just About Covers It – 1997 (Magnatone)

Reviewed by Paula Williams

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This young hot new country star has won over the likes of Tracy Lawrence and Magnatone president Brent Maher, so he must have something going for him. Undoubtedly, those folks heard him live, where his country upbringing and heartfelt singing could really shine through. Would that the same happened on his sophomore CD.

What could have been a great song in the hands of someone like George Jones, "More Like December" just ends up being a lifeless ballad, not from McCready's failing, but certainly from someone's. The best songs here are the two he himself (helped) pen - "Let Me Take That Ol' Heartache" and "Doing Her Right (Where I Done Wrong)." McCready thanks Moraine Music for letting him write songs - now his producers need to let him record those songs, and they might just have a winner on their hands.