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Renee Olstead

Stone Country – 2001 (Self-released)

Reviewed by Rick Teverbaugh

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Renee Olstead's CD is refreshing on several levels. The 12-year-old vocalist out of Texas and there seems to be very little effort here to get her to grow up prematurely. The second highlight is the traditional country sound that leaps from every cut. Though her sound is still obviously young it is also powerful.

Jan Buckingham wrote all but one of the songs and she seems confident in her craft though much of the material seems a bit too mature for such a young vocalist. Olstead wrote "Reach Out" and it seems to fit her vocal range and age better than anything else. If traditional country gets over the hump and makes it all the way back as a radio staple then Olstead could be youngest standard bearer. Her talents aren't confined to music either. She has film credits for "The Insider," "Space Cowboys" and "End Of Days" and has been the subject of a couple of E! television documentaries.

Olstead could be well on her way. Right now she's making LeAnn Rimes a little old in the tooth.