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Reba McEntire

Starting Over – 1995 (MCA)

Reviewed by Dan Kuchar

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All things considered, time has been very kind to Reba. The 10 new tracks and nine gorgeous poses in the sleeve prove conclusively that after two decades in the music industry, Reba is none the worse for wear. "Starting Over" is a collection of her all-time favorite songs spanning several decades and genres including pop, country, rock and even Motown. Each song is given new life by her one-in-a-million voice and Tony Brown's (and Reba's) slick production. The first single, "On My Own," is a soulful collaboration with pals Linda Davis, Trisha Yearwood and Martina McBride. With her latest, Reba takes her rightful place with superstar divas like Streisand and Whitney Houston. Unfortunately, with this album, her metamorphosis from country singer to pop singer is nearly complete. One may argue that by embracing several styles of music, Reba is taking country to a wider audience. However, after listening to this, it is more evident that Reba is joining the ranks of the pop divas on their own turf.